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Why Social Media? Connecting in a Crisis, Locally & Worldwide

The link tells the story of my high school friends who were living in Japan, and were ultimately uprooted by the earthquake last month. I had the strange, fascinating, and heartwrenching experience of watching their entire world change very fast.

"Thank God for Facebook," my friend says in the article. It was the only means of communication that worked in those hours after the quake. All of us "friends" felt involved as we saw the couple reunite from different parts of the city. We worried with them as Jeff went to find their daughter at school and his wife got no word for hours. We were riveted for more news as Alma’s 45-minute commute turned into an 8-hour harrowing trek home.

We’re thankful they’re safe. I’m also thankful, in a weird way, to have experienced the very personal, human side of the news we were all watching on TV. It may be strange that these moments now get shared in real time with our friends around the world, but it also is an entirely new way to feel connected that never existed before this.

Why Social Media

I sometimes struggle for the answer when non-users of social media ask me “what the big deal is” or “why” I would want to “be all over the internet.”

Well tonight I got to witness one of my best friends get engaged, from halfway across the country, just minutes after it happened.  Even better, I got to share the moment with our group of friends who are spread out from coast to coast.

So I guess that’s why.  People like to say it’s about connection and it usually sounds trite.  It isn’t trite - it’s just that simple, and that meaningful.

Congrats, Ryan & Ali!

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